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I’ve been waiting for this moment ever since I wrote about the greenish duo Rabtus & Cumber, then again, who can resist a half-rabbit half-cactus (Rabtus) and a pickle (Cumber)? Not me!
Handsome Fellas a.k.a Miki Mottes and Ziv Meltzer are the power couple behind this drop dead green mobile game Stop The Vom.
“Rabtus is stuck on a swing (it’s all Cumber’s fault, they always trick each other!) and your goal is to tilt your device to stabilize the swing and prevent Rabtus from vomiting. With Papinoy, Tantzaba and other good and bad creatures you’re gonna have to tap or avoid tapping, it ain’t gonna be easy!”
So… Ready, Set, Stop The Vom!

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