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I have mixed emotions with kettles. I mean… we all use them but since moving to the US, I found out that their kettles aren’t my kettles. And so, when I found out about Sholi Strauss’ experiment with kettles, 30 of them (to be precise), my heart started singing. Apparently not much has changed in the world of kettles for the last thousand years and that’s exactly why Sholi decided to do something about it.
Sholi’s mini kettles keep their functional parts: container, handle, spout and sometimes lid. His design isn’t asking to create a new functional kettle. In his own (sometimes hilarious or even cynical) way, Sholi comments on the old designs while using culture, storytelling, imagery and imagination as his main tools. And the outcome is a series of 30 (!!!) 3d printed mini kettles.
In case you are visiting Israel, you can find them all at Sholi’s solo exhibition “Rattle The Kettle” at The Corinne Maman Museum of Philistine Culture in Ashdod.

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