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So winter has arrived, there is no doubt about it! I prayed for the god of seasons and asked him to have mercy and skip this damn season just once… I guess he was too busy with Xmas and all to answer my prayers.
And in winter time you have to protect yourself with just the right accessories. Right? Right!
Shirly Rov, one of those graduates that I knew I had to keep my eyes on, just came up with these beautiful hand dyed cotton scarfs. I have a feeling the yellow one will find it’s way to my neck real soon :)
BTW, you can read my One On One with Shirly right here.



  • December 27, 2011


    lol, I hate winter with a passion, even thou I do enjoy dressing up for it.

  • December 27, 2011


    I know exactly what you mean ;)
    I feel the same!

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