Shira Keret and Itay Laniado | Wanderlust Vases


Industrial Design, Israeli Designers Shira Keret and Itay Laniado | Wanderlust Vases

It’s no secret that I’m one of those who have a never ending wanderlust in their bones. In fact, the minute I’m returning from a trip, my mind is occupied with choosing the next destination.
When I laid my eyes on Shira Keret and Itay Laniado‘s Scape Vases, I had the feeling that these two know exactly how it feels to have a constant wanderlust. Shira and Itay created a series of panoramic vases, where each is a homage to a different place in the world.
The two used Caesarstone‘s new stone collection, a collection which was designed to mimic natural stone. The idea behind the vases began with them wanting to represent nature and see how they can express it through objects. And so, they decided to design an object that imitates an ideal representation of nature. That’s when the vases came about.
“we collected images that show nature at it’s most magnificent display… An enhanced and improved image that can easily replace the origin in our memory. We used water jet cutting to recreate the horizon as a meeting point between two surfaces in the vases, each surface represents a simplified block of nature – water, mountain, sky, etc.”
I don’t know what about you, but I can sense a wanderlust in the air.

This project was designed for GamVeGam group exhibition, curated by Designspace and commissioned by Caesarstone.

Photos by Daniel Shechter

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