Shenn Brush | A Toothbrush For The Minimalist In You


Industrial Design, Israeli Designers Shenn Brush | A Toothbrush For The Minimalist In You

You know that black and white is my all time go to combo. I can never go wrong with that. With that being said, I have a feeling that Tal and Ester Mor Sinay thought of me, when they came up with their design for the Shenn Brush. Not really but people like me (and them) for sure. Basically the Shenn Brush is my dream toothbrush. Black or white, minimalistic and good looking. Some (okay, I.) might even say sexy! AND YEAH, there is a kickstarter campaign going on at the moment. In case you are wondering, I’m planing on backing a brush or two…
“The process started after we moved to a new house and started redecorating it. When we reached the bathroom we understood we were looking for something different. We were standing at the store in front of the toothbrushes stand and they all looked the same to me, a combination of many colors and materials. We couldn’t find a single brush with a descent and calm design. That was the moment we started playing with the idea of designing a toothbrush. We realized that we were putting so much effort, energy and love in our house’s interior but our toothbrushes didn’t fit their new environment.”
If you are anything like those people, who know better, you should have your very own Shenn Brush.
Before I leave you and head to buy my black brushes, here are some fun facts: you should brush your teeth twice a day for about 2 minutes every time.
Store the brush in an upright position and allow the toothbrush to air-dry (just like the Shenn Brush!). If more than one brush is stored in the same holder or area, keep the brushes separated to prevent cross-contamination (yep, you guessed it. Just like the Shenn Brush does).

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