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  • Zazie | The Mini Satchel
  • Schults | The Mighty Satchel
  • Dimitri | The Medium Satchel
  • Benny | The Attaché Case
  • Dimitri | The Medium Satchel

“78% is the right amount of perfection. More than that would not create the desired effect and less than that would result in a useless product.” This is the motto of Elad Klein, Shai Levy’s best friend who passed away… and Shay named his brand SEP in celebration of his life. In Shai’s bags you’ll be able to spot lots of functional thinking. With many pockets and folders, there is no way you’ll loose your favorite Muji pen ;) Anyways, you can read a lot more about the brand right here and I on the other hand have to start thinking where am I going to find the missing $525 for my Dimitri.


DesignBreak found 78% here

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