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Everywhere I turn I end up staring at super pretty and tempting gift guides for the holidays. The problem is that I don’t really celebrate any of these holidays. I might wish I did (oh hi there, my dream Christmas tree!) but being Jewish means don’t. With that being said, I’m not about to write a fancy gift guide (although, I have a pretty big wish list, for any given celebration), BUT for all you lucky peeps who do celebrate christmas, I thought that it’s time to introduce you to DesignBreak’s very own Etsy Page. On my Etsy Page, you can find some of my favorite Israeli designers and their shops. There is so much mad talent back home in Israel. In fact that’s why I actually started my DesignBreak journey. From shoes to ceramics to textile, to accessories to stationary. You can find it all. My Etsy Page is still a work in progress but I’d love to highlight some of my absolute fave designers. So here goes:

Shoes and especially young Israeli shoe designers, make my life super easy, when it come to show stoppers and ice breakers. If you too need to rely on an accessory, let me unfold my secret weapon aka my shoe fairies: Norman and Bella and her modern take on classy. ARAMA and his color candy kingdom. Olive Thomas and her I-need-it-all shoes. Tamar Shalem and her pointed beauties (at the moment I’m dreaming of these cauliflower beauties). The embroidery goddess, Miss Katz and Birds (have you seen these foxy oxfords?!). Imelda Shoes and her sparkly touch. And finally, Liebling and his structured shoes.

Next are my absolute fave textile rockstars. I’ve wrote about them all once or twice before but that won’t stop me. Say hello to the gang of fabric whisperers: Mika Barr and her folded patterns. Michal and Roni, the Swift Textiles girls and their impeccable sense of style. Lee Coren and her bluer than blue scarves. She is not selling them on her shop at the moment, but THIS SCARF! (I’m going to put it here just in case). Shirly Rov and her super cool pillows. I’m into these three in particular. And finally, Dikla Levsky and her out of this world hand screen printed abilities. This girl is the real deal, when it come to mind blowing patterns!

Now let’s move on to my first love, aka the land of Accessories and especially jewelry (and bags). For the record, I’m not talking about the sparkly ones. When it comes to a worth while piece of jewelry I’m referring to a bigger than life and brilliant materials kind of beauty. And bags… well, you know me, I can’t have too many, plus, the bigger the better. So here we go again: Galit and Lior, the CONTOUR ladies and their must-have-more-than-ten-fingers geometric goodies. Adi Lev and her lined badass creations. Meirav Ohayon that designs not only rad pieces of jewelry but also one of a kind dipped in ink bagsTalia Sari and her mapped pieces but also that brilliant Lego heart.yes, heart of Lego aka LevoMichal Taharlev and her I-wish-I-could-afford-them-all jewelry and especially this one! Miss Gittit Szwarc and her Knobbly gang of coolness. Hadas Shaham and her Industrial concrete jewelry that you just can’t leave behind (I already have these and these earrings). Lee Coren and her and her “I traveled the world and then came up with the most beautiful prints” bags. And let’s not forget Tesler + Mendelovitch‘s constructed wooden clutches.

NOW, let’s talk about ceramics. We have a lot of it in Israel but there are only handful of designers that really talk my language, minimalism. I’m mostly talking about Yaara Landau-Katz and her ONE and MANY less-is-always-more creations. Dima Gurevich and his grumpy SCULPTURE in DESIGN beauties. Yulia Tsukerman and her art-that-can-defiantly-function objects. Lior Shachar and her 1220 Ceramics Studio I-wish-I-had-a-huge-kitchen serving goodness.
Oh my, that was a long one. I hope you survived it. Before I leave you with your last minute shopping spree, I need to refresh your memory about my black-on-white doodle friend, Avital Pudinsky and her PUDISH‘s I-wish-I-had-room-for-all-her-drop-dead-gorgeous notebooks.
Anyways, now I done. for real. Ready. Set. Etsy!

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