SALT & PAPER | Orly Dahbash | It’s black, It’s white


Graphic Design, Israeli Designers SALT & PAPER | Orly Dahbash | It’s black, It’s white

I think I died and went to a geometric heaven. It’s the black and white kind, which only means, it’s the best kind of heaven!
I’m not sure how I missed these beauties by Orly Dahbash, aka SALT & PAPER. Seriously. Where have I been?! I need to thank dezignzoom, for waking me up! Think handmade linen stitched binding, with a triangle pocket and a pen holder addition. I mean, these geometric notebooks, are to die for. And… did I mention that it’s printed with gold foil?
The only thing I regret is not posting this ahead of time, because by now, all the heavenly notebooks are sold out. Oh well, you can still go with the geometric cards. After all, “It’s black, it’s white” and you know how the rest of the song goes.

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