PUDISH | Avital Pudinsky | Ready. Set. Doodle


Illustration, Israeli Designers PUDISH | Avital Pudinsky | Ready. Set. Doodle

Have you ever fell in love with a notebook? It must sound strange or even disturbing in a way but… of course it has happened to me before. In fact, it happens to me, whenever I visit Avital Pudinsky’s black and white kingdomPUDISH, is the land of beautifully hand drawn patterns, which found themselves on notebooks, envelopes and wrapping papers. I’m pretty sure that we all had our 0.4 Pilot period, in which we doodled away out of boredom. The thing is, Avital wasn’t one of us. You might think that she knew that she is a master doodler deep inside but no. She never considered herself as an illustrator of some sort. She was a graphic designer, who found her inner doodler, while working on a school project. Unlike some, who don’t really do much with their school projects, she realized that her OCD with white paper, black pen and endless mini objects running inside her head, are bound to become a sea of minimalistic stationary. It’s safe to say, that in that case, being an OCD person, pays off. Big time!
It’s no secret that I’m a fan of all things black and white (duh!) and I’m happy to say that In Avital, I found my long lost soulmate. We understand each other without a need to add any other colors. It works for us and it feels good. SO good.


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