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My new favorite obsession is called Palm & Olive and it’s everything I could ever wish for the office supply (and in particularly pens on top of pens on top of pens) hoarder that I am.
Leather accessories for my fancy pens? How can I resist?!
The ladies behind this minimalistic heaven are industrial designer Daniela Bekerman and graphic designer Maya Cohen. While one (Daniela) lives in Tel Aviv and the other (Maya) is in Madrid, they don’t let the distance or the time difference disturb the fanciest collaboration ever.
Together they blend different disciplines and design items that create a dialogue between two and three dimensions.
In their first collection, the two mainly focused on their relationship to volume. When not used, the objects are flat but get depth and shape while functioning.
The thing I like most about these accessories is the fact that the girls don’t use any sewing, only cutting and even then, the cutting is barely visible.
The object is actually the spread itself. How brilliant is that?!

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