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Art, Fashion, Israeli Designers Ohad and Itay Benit | Blocks of Moving Colors

It’s hardly a secret that I’m one of Ohad Benit’s biggest fans. I also can’t believe that I’m saying this out loud, but I kinda feel like we are Insta-pals. Like for real. AND… you have no idea how happy (and even special) it makes me feel.
Anyways, enough about me. Ohad’s latest creation (with the help of his rockstar photographer brother, Itay Benit) is “Do Touch”, a fashion editorial for one of Israel’s daily newspapers, Haaretz, in which he art directed his photographer brother Itay, the makeup artist Revital Darom and his oh-so-dreamy model, Sivan Levy. Needless to say that I was blown away by his sensitive eye and vulnerable heart.
“Whilst the sun wanders through the sky, the street gathers shadows and darkness. The buildings and the people inside transform and react with their dress and presence.
Transition of structure, forms, color, urban graphics and bustle of the street, on a fine line between being industrialized and rigid to a certain dark smeared fragility.”
As you can see, this guy has a way with words, as much as he has a way with silent but mesmerizing images. Oh and the brilliant fact of them all is that Ohad is an industrial designer by trade but then again, this guy CAN DO IT ALL! He is that good and his mind is that wicked.
On a side note: If you haven’t checked his Instagram feed, now is the time to leave whatever you are doing and just head over there, for a breeze of minimal coolness.


Photos by Itay Benit

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