Fashion, Israeli Designers Oded Arama | Back to Black

  • SYMPATHY and AFFECTION | Photo by Dadi Elias
  • DESIRE | Photo by Chanan Greenblatt
  • JOY | Photo by Dadi Elias
  • GRATITUDE | Photo by Chanan Greenblatt
  • GRATITUDE | Photo by Dadi Elias

For his Winter 2012 collection, my favorite shoe designer aka Oded Arama, decided to go back to black with his unisex “emotions” collection.
You all know Oded as the one responsible for the oh so colorful shoes but this time it’s like we experience a more serious side of this super unique designer. Don’t you worry, as Oded likes to spice things up in each and every design, there are still pops of colors. As you all know, I despise winter but with these shoes I think things will be tolerable (I only say that beacuse summer is just around the corner).
In other exciting news, Oded just opened his own ASOS boutique.


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