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  • Banoffi Fudge Oxford
  • Behind the Scenes | Ice Cream Volcano
  • Dreamy Lotus | Teaberry | Green Tea
  • Behind the Scenes | Ice Cream Volcano
  • Candy Oxford
  • Behind the Scenes | Ice Cream Volcano

In case you were wondering, we are back to our monthly Oded Arama post. I know, I know, this guy should be the first contestant in the up coming TV show, “Project ShoeShoe” coming your way this fall (a girl can dream :). He can come up with the most ah-ma-zing design in a second or two! For His 2011 Collection Oded had ice cream in mind and who can blame him? If there is one thing I love more than ice cream is cupcakes. Maybe I should pitch him this idea. So… “Sweets”, the collection is full with super exciting colors. I dare you to buy your man the “Candy Oxford”.
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