Fashion, World Break World Break: Collar, Stand + Tie | Kara Larick | Unisex Ties

  • Unisex Tie Collection | Tie Three
  • Hoodie Scarf Collection |Two Point Pocket Scarf
  • Unisex Tie Collection | Tie Two
  • Hoodie Scarf Collection | Two Pocket Scarf
  • Unisex Tie Collection | Tie One

While I was wandering around The Market NYC, I stumbled upon
Kara’s world of monochromatic accessories and immediately fall in love with it.
“Collar, Stand + Tie deconstructs elements of widely known and loved garments and reconstructs said parts into a new whole. It develops unique, thoughtful and wearable accessories, while keeping the androgynous and avant-garde in mind.” As you know me, I had to have one of my own.
You can have your own unique accessory right now.


Photos by Sabine Mirlesse

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