Fashion, World Break World Break: Carrie Bilbo | Earthy Creations

  • Round Rings | Silver, Gun Metal Plated Bronze, Hair, Wax, Rubber, Pumice
  • Branch Bangles | Silver, 24k gold plated bronze
  • Attachment of Fear Collection | Cicada Wing Pendant
  • Twentyten Collection | Silver Geometric Ring
  • Gold Cone Rings | Silver, 24k gold plated bronze, sapphire
  • Twentyten Collection | Marrow Bezel Ring

When it comes to jewelry, lately I found myself searching for the x factor. A design that will excite me and will give me the goose bumps.
Well, my journey is over. Meet the much talented Carrie Bilbo! Her sculptural jewelry are truly one of a kind.
Carrie describes her work as organic and expressive. “Jewelry is more than just decoration, it is wearable pieces of art, and what better canvas is there than the human body?”
You can step into Carries’s magical world with this 10 Answers interview they made with her. Oh, and don’t forget to visit her Etsy shop, don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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