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I’m obsessed with all things paper for as long as I can remember so I couldn’t be happier when I discovered Naomi’s work of art. What an amazing eye for details this girl has! You can find her work on her Etsy Shop and if I were you I wouldn’t miss her blog.

naomis{dot} illu {at} gmail {dot} com
FYI, some of my favorite paper links:
Zoe Bradley, Yulia Brodskaya, Charles Clary and hand cut maps by Karen m. O’leary. I have to mention the Mad museum’s “Slash: Paper Under the Knife” exhibition. My wish list: Papercraft and Paper: Tear, Fold, Rip, Crease, Cut books.


  • July 22, 2010

    Ann Martin

    Thanks for this introduction to Naomi’s work. I visited her shop and love her colorful bird cuts especially.

  • July 22, 2010


    Hi Ann,
    I’m glad you like Naomi’s work.
    I have a feeling this won’t be the last time I’ll write about her ;)

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