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This month passed by so fast and I can’t believe that just now I’m writing about my birthday trip to Napa! Oh well…
It was one special day and actually the very first we celebrated here is California. The day began with my sweet Mr. surprising me with a the cutest convertible Mini Cooper (it was a ZipCar). We hopped inside and drove across the Bay Bridge toward Yountville. There we started our day at the fancy Bouchon Bakery. I’ve been obsessed with their treats ever since I tried them in NYC. From there we walked a few steps and found ourselves at The French Laundry Culinary Garden. It felt so refreshing being surrounded by all the baby herbs. So we just walked down all these aisles of flowerbeds and I took many pictures of mini plants. It was a lot of fun!

A Birthday Trip to Napa // via: Design Break

From there it was time to hit the first winery of the day. We drove through Trinity Road which was pure magic. Driving while smelling the fresh air and the blooming trees felt so good even for a city girl like me. It really was special scenery.

A Birthday Trip to Napa // via: Design Break

Oh wait, we were talking about wineries. The first one we visited was the Kunde Family Estate, which I heard so much about. Although it wasn’t spring time, I still enjoyed looking at the massive vineyard and all the shades of brown. I can’t wait to come back during spring and see it in full swing! Plus, the mister really enjoyed their wine tasting selection. Before hitting the next winery we had to stop for lunch. Ana, my sweet friend, told me all about the Oxbow Public Market, so I had to check it out. While there, we decided to try the Kitchen Door. You should order their Breakfast Kobe Burger. That’s the only way to go!

A Birthday Trip to Napa // via: Design Break

Breakfast treats, check. A dash of fresh air and greenery, check. Beautiful winery and wine tasting, check. Yummy brunch, check. What’s next? Another winery, of course. After hearing from my friends Igor and Philippe about the Domaine Carneros Winery there was no other option and they were so right! Who can argue with lots and lots of bubbly selection? certainly not me! This place is a true gem and I know that I’ll be back to check this place during high season. I just have to. I mean, sparkling wine or better yet, sparkling everything is so me.

A Birthday Trip to Napa // via: Design Break

After a day spent with my special guy, we decided that we will leave some wineries for our next trip. It was the perfect call to make because on the way back to San Francisco, we drove while the sun began going down and we experienced the most beautiful sunset.

A Birthday Trip to Napa // via: Design Break
Photos by me

I’m such a sucker for fancy sunsets so it felt really special to end this super magical birthday on a high note, with lots of orange and yellow shades in the background.


  • December 23, 2013


    I’m so happy to read you had a beautiful day. :) And I’m glad you make it to the Market. ;) Btw thank you for the tips too, I have never visited Bouchon in Yountville and the french garden is also on my list now, dear friend.

  • January 10, 2014


    I can’t believe I missed your sweet comment up until now!
    You are more than welcome, girlfriend.
    I sure love our tip-swaps ;)

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