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Israeli Designers, Textile Design Mia Melange | Even A Basket Can Be Multicultural

Once I decided that I should only only own black and white accessories and when it comes to my home, life became much simpler. But then, to my surprise, all of my fave Israeli designers began designing black and white items, and life got a lot more complicated!
While in Israel, I added a few items to my ever growing monochromatic collection (but more on that later this week) and I only wish I spotted any of Mia Danieli’s aka Mia Melange baskets, while there. These baskets have my name written all over them!
“The baskets are made from 100% cotton rope and sewn together in a coiling technique. These unique hand crafted vessels provide a modern twist on the ancient African tradition of basket weaving.”
It definitely shows that Mia, an Israeli, who now resides in South Africa, knows a thing or two about being multicultural. These baskets are a melting pot of Israeli roots, South African tradition and a Swiss bloodline. Yep, the minimalistic touch had to come from somewhere.
Fun fact: “Mélange” means mixture (or blend) in French. It’s also a type of yarn that is commonly used in the textile and fashion industries.
If you are more into the colorful side of things, don’t you worry. Mia has you covered! There are lots of green options for all you green thumb people. You can also find sand-ish colored ones. Oh and BTW, each item is carefully designed and no two are exactly alike. That alone makes me want one even more!


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