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Ceramics, Israeli Designers, Textile Design Mia Mélange | Drawing Lines Like No Other

Whenever I receive an email from one of Shenkar College‘s textile design graduates, my heart skips a beat.
I have such a soft spot for this wonderful department… Anyways, I’m only telling you this because when Mia Danieli, the one behind Mia Mélange, wrote me about her new collections, I wasn’t expecting to see ceramic creations among them. However, I’m not complaining. Not a bit. I love Mia’s line drawings of these oh-so-charming creatures under the sea. You can’t beat a good old line drawing, especially when it comes on a plate. Right? Oh but wait… there is more. Mia is also playing around with sewing baskets. Damn pretty baskets. After all, textile runs in her veins. In a way, her baskets, are also a textile show of line drawing. So minimal and delicate and so so beautiful.


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