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It’s been a while since I bumped into an accessory I loved, and a second later I found myself at my desk, writing about it. So, I guess you can categorize today, as a good day!
Let’s start from the beginning. I first read about Meirav Ohayon on Time Out Tel Aviv. The fact that she has a lot of history (design wise), explains a lot about who she is as a designer and as an artist. From graduating design school in 1999 (majoring in jewelry and fashion), to designing stage and costume for modern dance and fringe theaters, to starting a brand for bags (I still remember it!) and then realizing, after five years, that she needs to take a break from the business, to moving to Paris and along the way, helping another designer, launch her own urban brand. I mean, this girl managed to accomplish a lot in her lifetime. BUT WAIT, this is not the end! All of this prepared her to her current adventure.
Usually Meirav is inspired by the material itself. This time around, it’s a nude vegetable-tanned Italian leather, which is processed slowly with natural ingredients such as wood and vegetables. Along the lines, you can also spot a Patti Smith vibe, with her personality and art.
“Because it isn’t treated with chemicals, the leather is absorbent. When the bag is yours, the leather will be affected by the way you wear it, and will age beautifully, enhancing its personality and complementing yours. Using wax thread, I created a hand-sewn line-sketch that no sewing machine could possibly replicate, effectively transforming each bag into a unique piece.” And since we are talking about a true artist at heart, there is even more!
By using an indelible black ink, Meirav adds a unique, hand-painted drawing, to each bag. But remember, we are also talking about these crazy beautiful jewelry! Them too, get the royal ink-y treatment.
Drawing freely on a nude canvas is an open road for endless possibilities and countless accessories. Seriously, I even had hard time deciding which ones to show you. They are all that stunning. Now, the only problem, that I need to resolve is, which one should land at my doorstep.

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