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Industrial Design, Israeli Designers Loop Design | A Clutter-less Home, The Elisheva Way

Elisheva Manekin, the face behind Loop Design, knows a thing or two about meaningful objects.
“While growing up, Elisheva’s family moved a lot – never spending more than two years in one house. Splitting their days between continents and cities, she did not know the feeling of growing up surrounded by the same walls. That being said, she always felt a strong sense of home in every apartment or home they moved to. That had a lot to do with her Mother’s understanding of “home” – a place filled with people you love and familiar things. Her mother was known to schlep everything they owned from house to house to create a consistent feeling in all of the places they moved to, no matter how short the time they would spend there was going to be. That’s when her love of objects for the home began.”
If there is one thing I appreciate the most, it’s Elisheva’s ability to take the most ordinary piece of wood, with only a struck of color or even just oiled brush, and reinventing it, time after time.
Her approach towards a clutter-less home, defines composed pieces, with the most minimalistic lines, which you just have to have in your everyday. Whether it’s the most futuristic brass bowl of them all, the origami like storage basket, the slickest office decor or my personal favorites, the most subtle wall hooks and their dipped edge.


Photos by Aya Wind

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