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i can’t get over jenny meilihov’s portraits. in fact, back in 2009 (my first year as a design breaker), i wrote about jenny and her big oversized glasses’ portraits. something about the way jenny portrays face expressions gets me.
usually jenny is all about the joyful and colorful things in life and it’s no coincidence that she usually signs off with a “be happy!” greeting. even her etsy shop goes by the name “be happy now”. so you could imagine my surprise, when i bumped into jenny’s black and white ink ladies.
it’s no secret that i love going back and re-visiting the portfolios of the designers and illustrators that i adore. this time, i was surprised by black and white invasion. jenny’s ladies, who were painted with ink, posses so much depth and character but subtle at the same time. I can’t get over their intense look and the way they make me feel while i’m staring back at them.
i so wish that jenny will keep on exploring her monochrome being. and i’ll be here waiting for all the in between shades of gray.
on a side note: this past november, jenny published luna’s cloud machine her first book as the author-illustrator. all the reviews are raving and i can’t wait to put my hands on it (it’s on its way from israel as i write this!) and for the book to be translated to english.

jenny meilihov's black and white ink illustrations. // via: design break blog
jenny meilihov's black and white ink illustrations. // via: design break blog

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