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  • Floresta's cutest doughnut
  • Ramen Fever . Take One
  • Cherry Blossom Pastry
  • Ramen Fever . Take Two
  • Heavenly Chocolate Pestry
It’s been almost two months since I came back from Japan, however I just can’t miss the opportunity to share with you my journey.
I want to tell you everything so I am working on a series of posts such as my Tokyo and Kyoto favorite places, my stationary findings and of course there is a foodie post that I better start with. As you probably know I’m a foodie and there is no way to sugarcoat it.

So, let’s start with my fav foodie finds:
-with our first day my romance with all things Green-Tea began; Green-Tea KitKat, Green-Tea ice-cream, Malebranche biscuits, but of course Green-Tea tea and the list goes on and on.
If I have to put my finger on one amazing finding, it’s most definitely the BAKERIES all over Japan! You can find them all over and I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I say that I had a pastry of some kind almost every two or three hours. To name a few: The Rose Bakery at the top floor of the Dover Street Market in Ginza, Tokyo. The crazy beautiful variety at Takashimaya‘s food courts. The never ending treasures at the Muji Cafes in every other corner. The cutest doughnuts at Floresta‘s Kyoto. Miyajima’s special maple leaf shaped cookies.
If ramen is what you crave for, ramen it is. My ramen experience was like no other: you can order a ramen on the street, from a vending machine, while waiting for your train or while waiting in line with the locals in a super tiny and crowded shop (best feeling ever!)… There is no way I can rank all the ramens I ate but one really stood out and it was the spicy lemon one at the vegan T’s Restaurant at Tokyo’s Keiyo Street Station. Yup, a super clean and well designed restaurant in a subway station! Who would have thought…
As you can see, I ate like there is no tomorrow and all this food talk is making me extra hungry ;)
I know it’s not your usual DesignBreak post but I hope you enjoy it and next week there will be a more design related Japanese Break.
Have a yummy weekend, my sweet Breakers.

Photos by me




  •  The Mighty Ramen Vending Machine
  • Ramen Fever . Take Three
  • Maple Leaf Shaped Cookie
  • Green-Tea KitKat
  • The Real Green-Tea

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