I’ve Been To Heaven (aka Maui) and Back


Hi there. My name is Einat, Travel I’ve Been To Heaven (aka Maui) and Back

You guys, I’m sorry for the radio silence for the past week. I was planning on keeping blogging but… When in Hawaii, it’s not such an easy task. The never ending beaches and the bright sun managed to keep me away from non-summer activities.
So… What did the Mr. and I do while in Maui? A LOT OF THINGS. We skipped from beach to beach, ate (like crazy), laid low by the pool, felt like we were in a “Lost” scene for a moment or two and basically just spent 24\7 together, which is the best thing ever!
If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that a big change is about to happen in our lives… Yep, the two of us are about to become three in a short two months. A tiny baby boy will join our family and… I’m both terrified and excited at the same time.
But wait, back to Maui. I don’t really know how to describe this magical place in too many words but my sweet friend Ana, did such an amazing job in capturing her Maui adventures that if you are thinking about an Hawaiian vacation, just head over to her blog, read her posts and stare at her beautiful pictures.
I, on the other hand, will leave you with a few of my favorite snaps from this paradise-like week.

In the first couple of days we stayed at Lahaina, enjoyed the picture perfect beaches and had the most amazing dinner and then lunch at Star Noodle. In Lahaina, I also tasted for the first time Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice. So good!

Next was Pa’ia, a surfer town, with it’s colorful houses and roads. Of course we stopped for a flatbread at the Flatbread Company.

The “Lost” scenes happened at the magical Iao Valley park. For the first time since forever, I didn’t mind walking while giant drops of rain dropped all over me. It was once in a lifetime kind of moment.
Next was a road trip to explore the Road to Hana , with all it’s crazy turns, pretty waterfalls and many banana breads and yummy fruits along the way. Of course I also had to stop at Coconut Glen’s. I mean, I can never say no to ice-cream. Especially when it’s being served in a coconut bowl. With a happy belly and a big smile on our faces, we arrived at the most magical beach… a black sand beach (aka Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach.) It was my absolute favorite part of this whole road trip (besides the banana bread).

After all this road tripping, it was time to lay low, move to the southern side of Maui and enjoy a few days doing nothing but spending some down time in the beautiful beaches on this side of the island. Oh and don’t let me start talking about the crazy beautiful sunsets that we experienced each and every night. so, so magical.

At some point we also had to check our resort’s pool. Since moving to San Francisco, I’ve been dreaming about a pool that you can actually enjoy. BUT with the weather being so unpredictable and a bit colder than what I normally like, I had to give up my pool days…

A quick visit to the “Big Beach” was in order, since I’ve heard so much about the crazy waves and the crazier surfers that are doing their thing day in and day out. It was too scary to get inside the ocean over there, but I sure enjoyed watching their (at times almost) suicidal attempts to catch the next perfect wave.

Oh and… the moment when you swim in the ocean, minding your own business and a turtle decides to swim beside you. Yep, it really happened, on our last day! What can I say, it was the most unexpected and perfect ending to a dreamy vacation.
I guess all is left to say is: see you soon Hawaii. I’m sure it won’t be long before I’ll see you again!

Photos by me

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