It’s The New 3.0 DesignBreak


Hi there. My name is Einat It’s The New 3.0 DesignBreak

I’m not sure if I said it out loud but… After working extra hard for the past few months on the re-design of DesignBreak, I can finally share with you the journey I was on towards the new design. It took me forever and if it was only up to me it probably wouldn’t have happened… I was too afraid BUT thanks to my better half, who is one gifted programmer, things are coming along much more smoothly. I mean, it’s always nice to have your biggest supporter working by your side and encouraging you along the way. Right?! Anyways, I sure hope that you will like the new design as much as I do and as always, I’d love to hear your thoughts.
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xx- Einat


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