Designer Insights with Einat Kayless Argaman (aka me)


Hi there. My name is Einat, Interviews Designer Insights with Einat Kayless Argaman (aka me)

It’s not that easy to write about yourself. Especially when you are one of those, who likes to hide behind their computer screen. However, from time to time it feels good to push my boundaries, and that’s what I decided to do when Tudor Davies, my new twitter friend and the one behind Terry’s Blinds asked me to be part of their on going series, Designer Insights.
You can read about my days as a blogger, the ones I admire, my inspiration and my fave designs at the moment right here oh and… While doing so, you’ll be able to bump into a rare pic of yours truly, which was taken by my fairy photographer, Noa Kedmi. So not like my usual self, I’m trying to do things a little bit differently (baby steps).


Thank you! See you soon.