Illustrated Break: March 2014 | By Elnatan Gurvitz


Illustration Illustrated Break: March 2014 | By Elnatan Gurvitz

Breakers, it’s time for March 2014 Illustrated Break and you have no idea how excited I am to be able to introduce you to Elnatan Gurvitz aka Elna. Elna is one of the most wicked illustrators I’ve ever known. In fact, I need to thank Shiri Ashkenazi for sharing with me his incredible work.
Elna has a way of looking at things a little bit differently. “From my experience in life, while traveling and living in different places, I’ve noticed that buildings and monuments have a big pull on my inner world. I basically realized that buildings have feelings too. And I think that they need someone to help show that.”
And so, in his own Design Break, Elna brings buildings to life while creating the most intriguing patterns.
Elna’s personified building is such a breath of fresh air in my Illustrated Break series Don’t you agree?

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