Illustration, Wallpaper IllustratedBreak. June 2013 | By Ella Katz

Ella Katz is a textile student how enjoys colors and inky lines like no other. You have no idea how happy I am to have her and her fairy tailed illustration as my June 2013 Illustrated Break.
“I took a break from the “real” world and sailed away into a fantasy world, where every day is a happy day, with unicorns and rainbows spreading the joy and love of life.”

Each month a new Desktop wallpaper will be up for grabs for you to download and jazz up your computer.
Click to download:

  iPhone (158.0 KiB, 655 hits)

  iPad (192.8 KiB, 645 hits)

  1024x768 (132.6 KiB, 647 hits)

  1280x1024 (208.1 KiB, 667 hits)

  1680x1050 (267.7 KiB, 678 hits)

  1900x1200 (276.5 KiB, 653 hits)

  2560x1440 (459.1 KiB, 656 hits)

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