Illustration, Wallpaper IllustratedBreak. July 2012 | By Ziv Arbel

Ziv Arbel is one of the lucky ones, who can do it all: design, illustrate, animate… and basically what ever you throw her way. “I like illustrating shadows and their lights, discovering the full image from just looking at hints of it. It’s something I love as an illustrator and also as a viewer”. Ziv and her intriguing shadows are my July 2012 Illustrated Break.

Each month a new Desktop wallpaper will be up for grabs for you to download and jazz up your computer.

Click to download:

  iPhone (86.0 KiB, 670 hits)

  iPad (120.4 KiB, 656 hits)

  1024x768 (95.1 KiB, 662 hits)

  1280x1024 (130.3 KiB, 653 hits)

  1680x1050 (150.2 KiB, 647 hits)

  1900x1200 (178.6 KiB, 662 hits)

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