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Don’t worry, I’m not one of those who talks about Christmas in September. In fact, I don’t even celebrate Christmas. BUT… When Elisheva Manekin, the one behind Hook n’ Loop, wrote me and shared with me this geometric ornament, I couldn’t look away. In fact, I want it and I want it now. And no, not as an ornament to put on the tree that I won’t have but rather as a pendent that I can wear as a necklace. What can I say… I’m so in love with this ceramic shape and it’s golden touch that I just have to have it. BTW, isn’t this picture just perfect?!
In case you are wondering, Elisheva makes lots of other home beauties. And yes, I especially love these black and white ceramic candle holders. I guess I could write a whole post just about them.



  • October 1, 2013


    I love Elisheva’s designs! She’s so talented.

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