Fashion, Industrial Design Guest Break: A Swiss Break by Madame Herve

  • Shoe Designer, Anita Moser.
  • Atelier Pfister Collection
  • Hopehope | Swiss Lifestyle Blog
  • Sibylle Stöckli | Jörg Boner
I’m sure you all agree that it’s always exciting to learn about design that comes from countries other than yours. For me it’s extra special to get to know designers and bloggers that I never heard off. That’s how my Guest Break series came to life… Anyways, I’ve asked my Swiss friend and mega interior designer, Tilda Hervé (aka Madame Herve) to share with us some of her favorite Swiss bloggers and designers… It’s always fun when you have a local friend who can show you the ropes and Tilda is one of my dearest insta-friends who knows a thing or two about beautiful things! Tilda, now it’s your turn to teach us the Swiss way…
Hello San Francisco, Zurich is calling…
Sweet Einat asked me for a mini Zurich design break with some Swiss insight and so… here we are. In Switzerland you won’t find too many (design) bloggers but if I have to pick my favorite three they have to be: Coeur de Sel, Hopehope and Sachenmachen.
Of course the first one has to be a food blog! Coeur de Sel, started as a collective project between some friends, who like to cook and eat. It’s the place where Zera and her friends share recipes, tips and inspiration with one another and with their readers. Zera works in the fashion biz, is a passionate photographer (the food pictures are amazing!) and a gardener.
Next is the Swiss Lifestyle Blog Hopehope. “Hopehope” is a blog that started five years ago by Marisa Burn-Pichler, a Swiss interaction designer. Marisa focuses on fashion, design and interior design. You‘ll find stunning fashion projects, styling concepts and current hints about lifestyle.
And last but defiantly not least is Sachenmachen. “Sachenmachen” is a magazine-like platform for creative work based in Switzerland. It showcases projects varying from design, art, graphics and architecture to fashion, but it’s main focus is on product design.

And now… let me introduce you to some Swiss Designers and (drum roll!) a Swiss shoe designer.
I’m not sure how I first came across Anita Moser‘s designs, but I know it was love at first sight!
Anita is one of only a few shoe designers in Switzerland and has had her own label since 2003. Her shoe collections are distributed nationally and internationally and FYI, on her website you‘ll find amazing work in progress pictures!
Next is INCHfurniture. A furniture design studio which was launched in 2004 by Thomas Wüthrich and Yves Raschle. The two combine design with sustainable timber management. “It’s important for us that our design work is contemporary, but that it’s not trendy” is a quot by this duo that I keep close to my heart.
And finally, In August 2010 the Swiss furniture company Pfister launched the Atelier Pfister Collection, curated by international well known Swiss Designer Alfredo Häberli. Thirteen successful and upcoming design studios created more than 120 pieces of furniture and accessories ranging from decanters to rugs and wardrobes. I think this shows an interesting overview of the contemporary furniture design scene in Switzerland. I especially love the works of Sibylle Stöckli and Jörg Boner.

Well, that’s it from me. Hope you liked my Swiss invasion!

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