Gili Doliner | The Secret Life of A Chicken Earring


Fashion, Israeli Designers Gili Doliner | The Secret Life of A Chicken Earring

Gili Doliner has a thing with chickens. More like working hard at growing a flock of chickens. In fact, these are the fanciest chickens, you’ll ever meet, if I can say so myself.
Gili’s chickens are well taken care of. If not being worn as earnings, they live the shelfie life. They sit and observe their surroundings and mainly other pieces of jewelry. These chickens have a lot of attitude with their skinny long legs and lush hairy feathers.
It all began with Gili being a smarty pants, who likes to get down to the nitty gritty of how things work. Especially the closing mechanism of an earring. That’s when she realized that once the earring is in use, the chicken is in it’s upright position. The minute it’s open, the chicken can rest its legs and transition into its second duty as a fully functioning piece of art.
Fun fact: each feather is made with a separate thread and can move and run wild like human hair.
I especially love the titles Gili decided to name her gang. From “naked chicken” to “chicken salad”, I’m sure you can see where this is going.
I can only say that I can’t wait for a much bigger flock!

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