Elinor Bengiat | To Crystal Or Not To Crystal?


Illustration, Israeli Designers Elinor Bengiat | To Crystal Or Not To Crystal?

I’m not really sure where I first saw Elinor Bengiat’s mesmerizing crystals. I’m pretty sure it was a real life experience, when I visited Israel back in April. But since then a lot has happened and… thank god for Instagram (yet again!). Of course I was able to find these beauties on Elinor’s Instagram feed.
Truth be told, I’m not one of those to have a thing for crystals, BUT I sure have a thing for Elinor’s. There is something mysterious in the way Elinor picks her shades and colors. And then there is the shape of them. Most of them remind me of a broccoli gone out of control. I know, it’s not where Elinor was going with it… it’s just that sometimes my imagination runs wild and I lose it. I still need to figure out what draws her to draw all these crystals. I promise to get back to you on this one!


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