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By now, you all know I’m weak when it comes to accessories and especially if it involves necklaces in all shapes and forms. I have no spine! Trust me, I know my weaknesses too well :)
I guess that’s way Daniel Zelig felt the urge to send over a sneak peek into her latest ceramic heaven. Don’t get me wrong, since I first stumbled upon her white and fragile world I’ve become one of Daniels biggest fans. While considering her next move, Daniel knew she is gunning for the wow factor (second time in a row:) and that’s exactly what she did! FYI, the collection is inspired by industrial chains and is called “Elements”.



  • April 16, 2012

    Andrea belini


    I bought it in Israel on my last vacation, very special

    Grazie Danil e buona fortuna!!

  • April 22, 2012


    lucky you!
    I need to buy one or two myself ;)

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