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“Since I was a child, I was fascinated by Pop-up books…The excitement before turning a page, a simple pull that uncovers a whole new world. I loved how the story came to life, how the books created a fantasy world that flew off the page. The magic, the excitement, the naiveté…”
The one behind these youthful words is Chen Bikovski. I first bumped onto her magical light fixture at the H.I.T 2012 Graduate Show. From the moment I stared at Chen’s bright light, I knew she was on to something really special. I’m not sure how come the post slipped underneath my fingertips but I’m here to correct this mistake.
When you turn up the Popup Light, the clean shape of the lamp is evolving into something you didn’t expect. The light’s reflection on the wall brings back the inner child inside us with all the excitement and naivety that we all felt when we opened our first popup book.
Don’t just trust my words, take a look for yourself and then, if you like it, help Chen’s two years of hard work and dedication turn into reality by backing her kickstarter campaign.

Popup Light by Chen Bikovski. // via: Design Break
Popup Light by Chen Bikovski. // via: Design Break

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