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Art, Israeli Designers Broken Telephone | The Next Best Artistic Experiment

Usually I don’t write about art performances. I’m not really sure why. However, when Yael Shinkar, the lightning force behind Broken Telephone, asked me to help spread the word, I couldn’t say no.
I think I was drawn to the playfulness behind this project. You can call it an artistic experiment, if you may.
20 artists “whispering” to one another a chain of creations. Music. Theater. Dance. Animation. Video. Spoken word. Performing art. You will find them all in this crazy ambitious multidisciplinary show.
So, how exactly does it work?
Each artist received only the “whisper” of the artist that came before, which will inspire the creation of his own “whisper”. From there, it will be passed on to the next artist for yet another “whisper” and so on and on.
Broken Telephone tries to arouse a discussion about art and the connection between different mediums.”
And if you ask yourself why am I telling you all this? The answer is that I would love to see this rad idea come to life. It will only happen if these brilliant artist will raise enough money. And so, if you want to get an accurate explanation, you should watch their video and after doing so, I’m sure you won’t mind helping these guys and spare a dollar or two.

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