Back to Reality.


Hi there. My name is Einat Back to Reality.

I’v been a bit MIA for the last week… It’s only because I’ve been visiting my favorite girlfriend (aka Sivan) and my favorite city (aka NYC) and so…
I just wanted to drop by, say hello and promise you that tomorrow I’ll be back to my posting self.
Oh and… I can’t really believe I’m doing this BUT I just uploaded a photo of myself… Yep, it’s me in this pic…
After hiding behind the screen for so long, it was time (so I was told) for you to see a little bit more of me. I know, you only see my back, but it’s a start.
The one responsible for this picture is Sivan Askayo, my extraordinary photographer friend and blogger, who took me on a graffiti break all over Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
xx- E

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