Avner Shalgi | White (or Gold) Horses, They Will Take You Away


Industrial Design, Israeli Designers Avner Shalgi | White (or Gold) Horses, They Will Take You Away

Avner Shalgi’s My Wooden Horse “is made up of more than 30 individual pieces to create a horse completely made out of wood, which moves just like a real horse does. My Wooden Horse is a product that will be passed through generations. A product that when seen years later will bring back a flood of memories.”
What can I say, this whole thing sounds impressive. Avner, a young industrial designer, teamed up with his brother Netta (also an industrial designer) and his sister Amit (the marketing wizard) and together they decided that right now is the right time to bring to life the beloved wooden horse.
Their horse is well designed and well thought and you can read all about the design and the siblings right here. After you get into the cowboy mode and the child within you, go ahead an check their kickstarter campaign. These three need your support in order to move to production mode.
BTW, how amazing is the golden horse?! So perfect!


Avner Shalgi’s
Avner Shalgi’s
Avner Shalgi’s
Avner Shalgi’s

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