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  • Things you find on the street as a child | T-shirt
  • Swan math | T-shirt
  • Endless quest | T-shirt
  • Diamond horses| T-shirt
  • Things you find on the street as a child | T-shirt
Anna Mirkin, the gal behind An’ka, had nature museums in mind, while making her latest T-shirt collection. The fact that it captures flowers, birds and all kinds of animals behind glass made her reflect on life and the modern lifestyle with it’s conventions. Anna named it all “Natural history of you” and I must admit that it makes me appreciate her trying to deal with some heavy and emotional stuff while working on a T-shirt collection. Thank you for this one Anna!


DesignBreak found Anna at DreedTea
BTW, don’t miss DreedTea’s High Five! Tip of the Fashion Web. The girls saved me a spot.


  • June 12, 2011


    Happy to help! I’m rocking my An’ka black tee right now!

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