And just like that, another Jewish Year, begins…


Hi there. My name is Einat And just like that, another Jewish Year, begins…

And just like that, another Jewish Year, begins…
It feels like this past year has gone bye in a split of a second. I’m not even sure what I’ve been doing this past year, except for getting to know my tiny mini-me and start our new chapter as a family of three. Everything else, without me even thinking about it, moved to the back seat. I wasn’t planning on it. In fact I was sure that I have everything under control and that I can do it all. Turns out, I can’t! All I can say is that the last year was one for the books.
A lot has happened but most importantly, I realized how much this blog, my very own design break and it’s community, means to me!
And with that being said, here’s to a bright year filled with many designed moments, hidden gems and yummy treats. Yep, as always, I’m all about the food. You can blame my taste buds for finding my way to 20th Century Cafe and devoting this – out of this world apple tart. For the record: Us Jews celebrate the new year with eating apples dipped in honey. Oh well, for this year, that tart is ,more than enough.
Happy Rosh Hashanah, my apple-licious breakers!

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