AltSF. Yep, I Was There.


Hi there. My name is Einat AltSF. Yep, I Was There.

This post was supposed to be a My San Francisco Break kind of post but instead I really wanted to share with you a little bit of my AltSF journey. If you are a blogger, Alt Summit is a big deal. I still remember how intrigued I was, sitting at my desk, back home in Israel and reading all that was written about this Superbowl of bloggers, year after year. And then… while still in my hotel room, just a few days after arriving to the States in January, an email sharing the big news that Alt will be coming to San Francisco, landed in my inbox. I couldn’t believe my eyes and a minute later, I began writing to all my blogger friends back home, how happy and lucky I feel… At the same time I knew I had to snag a ticket and also knew it won’t be an easy thing to do. Anyways, to make a along story short, On July 17th, the day has arrived and I found myself surrounded by many inspiring and talented bloggers, that I had no idea existed and yes, I made some friends along the way! But i’ll get back to that later on.
I heard some pretty amazing stories about how to grow and maintain your blog. How to reach out to fellow bloggers and brands. I heard from Mr. I HEART LUXE himself that it’s ok to be afraid but just for a minute. After allowing yourself to fear for a while, you should brush it off your shoulders and begin conquering that fear! I’m not sure why but his words meant so much. And speaking of being afraid, I came to Alt all by myself with out knowing anyone and came out of it with some pretty amazing friends and I hope will be right by my side for many years to come. I had to mention a few of them so here it goes: TiffanyRachelRachelleLidyMeganCourtenayYuliya, and Meredith.
And then… there was the “Alice in Pinterland Party” at the Pinterst HQ. To tell you that I was excited is an understatement. I was ecstatic. After arriving and exploring for a while I met this supper sweet girl, her name is Annie and yep, she works at Pinterst but also has her own foodie blog and I fell for her right then and there.
Everyone always tells me that I should master the mingling and networking thing, but for me it’s not just networking. I love getting to know the people behind the blogs and the person behind the business cards. It’s a lot more important than just mingling. Don’t you think?
Oh wow, DesignBreak is a design blog and for some reason I found myself carried away with this post. I hope you won’t mind.

My time at AltSF. // via: Design Break
Photos by me


  • August 12, 2013


    I’m so glad that we met, Einat! Being in SF, I felt like Alt was serendipitous for me too.

  • August 13, 2013


    Rachelle, I sure hope it’s only the beginning of a SF-PA friendship!

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