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Hello, my sweet breakers!
It’s been six months since my last post. By now, I’m not even sure if any of you are even out there… BUT, after thinking about the things I love most in my life, DesignBreak and the Israeli design scene, are way up on that list and so, I decided to get back into blogging. Or at least, do a better job at my blogging in the the last three years or so (but who’s counting? me, I guess).
I have a feeling the my recent trip to Israel (you can see a glimpse over here ), after being away for two years, had something to do with my decision. It’s just that I can’t not share with you all me fave designers and their rad creations. I just can’t do that!

Anyways, let’s go back to what’s really important in life. I’m talking about: dreamy ceramics, fancy textiles, a beautiful piece of furniture and accessories. Lots of them. But first, ceramics and handmade plates in particular, because… Adi Nissani!
I’ve been following Adi Nissani’s messy (in the best way possible!) journey for the longest time. I mean, how can you forget her brilliant instagram dishes?!
On one of my daily IG scrolls, I bumped into a picture perfect photograph of this beautiful plate and I had to find out more about it. Of course Adi’s artistic fingertips had everything to do with it. She collaborated with Osem (one of Israel’s largest food empires) to showcase some of her brand new plates.
“In my work I am inspired by nature and aesthetics. I merge classic and organic designs into my dishes while putting an emphasis on fine cuisine.”
In the last couple of years Adi has been working mainly with chefs and she has been developing collections of handmade dishes that are custom made especially for their restaurants needs. So you see, Adi is no stranger to foodie concepts. This time she teamed up with Ronen Mangan (the photographer) and Rotem Nir (the stylist), in order to create an enchanting story that involves eye candy plates and oh-so-delicious Israeli made treats. Something tells me that I probably miss Israeli treats more than I’m willing to admit, but let’s just leave it at that and stare at Adi’s beauties.

Photos by Ronen Mangan

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