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Ceramics, Israeli Designers adi nissani | compositions of light

when you live abroad, the jewish holidays get a whole new meaning. i’m not even sure why, but it does.
suddenly i started to care much more about the little details. i started researching way in advance for all these extra special treats that make a holiday special. and so, since hanukkah is only a day a way and we have eight days to celebrate it, don’t be surprised to see a post or two about my favorite holiday. and yeah, the fact that i was born around that time has everything to do with me liking it that much. and the candles too. i mean, who doesn’t like candles?!
adi nissani’s compositions of light took me by surprise. i’m used to adi, the ceramist, who is all about creating lots of tableware for all the big names in the israeli culinary scene but i guess this year is nothing but normal. anyways, you won’t hear me complain about adi’s new experiment. i’m here for all the candle holders. in fact, the more the merrier and if it’s black, white or both i’m all about that. and you won’t hear the word menorah around here. adi, being the brilliant designer that she is, knows that at the moment, we can all use a bit of light in our lives way beyond the holiday season. and so, hanukkah was just the trigger.
these different, wild and bold vases and candle holders can be gathered during the holiday into one impressive and special ummmm menorah, BUT immediately after the holiday can be scattered around the house. with each one left to illuminate and decorate its own place.
for the record, adi’s limited addition was sold out right away, but i couldn’t pass the opportunity to share with you a composition of light.

photos by gil aviram

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