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last week a friend of mine asked me about my go to color combination. the obvious answer would be black and white. always. but if i’m looking at my closet, i see of a lot of gray in the mix. so, when i stumbled upon abramey’s latest shoe collection, i felt right at home.
noa levy aran, the designer behind “abramey”, knows a thing or two about minimalism and color combinations. that’s the first thing you’ll notice, once you enter her shoe break.
noa’s shoes are timeless. she doesn’t care much about trends or other outside noises. whenever you’ll spot an abramey shoe, you’ll notice the attention to details. you’ll come to appreciate the unique shapes and surprising folds of the leather. with noa, rest assure, nothing is a happy coincidence. she thinks and rethinks each shape and every stitch!
now, i really need to decide which one is my favorite shoe out of the bunch. i think i have to to go with emillia. she won me over. something about the mix of colors (black and gray. duh!), the subtle shape yet surprising cuts made me fall in love. the question is, how long will it take me to press the “buy” button.
btw, when noa was about ten years old, her mom shared with her a life motto that we should all live by. she told her that when she dresses in the morning, she should never look in the mirror before wearing shoes. she explained to her that the shoes are the ones that set the pace. she told her that when she was ten! no wonder noa developed a soft spot for shoes and had to turn this life long lesson into a career.


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