Graphic Design, Israeli Designers A Typographer in The Making: Take Thirteen

It seems like Liron is having a moment…
It’s crunch time and there is still a lot of “Typefacing” left to do before the final showdown.
I can’t blame her… I’m sure that it’s very overwhelming.
On a brighter note, even when it’s super stressful, Liron knows how to have some fun and take some foodie and design breaks along the way. I love the way she mixes and balances it all. She is one inspiring lady and… well, by now you all know how much I love and admire her.
Liron, take it from here!
As if someone heard me praising the sunny weather, we were moved from our sunny studio to a new one. Cold and with less windows. Perhaps that would help being more work-efficient, no more staring outside and wanting to be there. Pressure starting to grow with the design of the typeface. Punctuation, Diacritics, Numerals, currency symbols. Parts of a typeface which are not first priority, but are necessary. We are in the stage in which optical alignment and weight distribution are critical, and the printers are cheating. We have to cheat back.
Bank holiday. Not really knowing why it’s called Bank, but happy with the extra day of weekend. Going to magical Oxford, having a relaxed picnic. Taking a punt, champagne and berries and floating down the Isis stream. Leaving the house once in three weekend days to go and buy a dress for a wedding. Rest of the time spent hearing good music and some more and some more while “Typefacing”. Going to a British football game in Reading. Asides from the rain, we were lucky to sit on the winners side. Which is obviously, the team I supported.
Eating the Korean dish with the sweetest name: Bibimbap. Visiting the Design Museum, and loving how it gets personal and connected to my life. Jólan van der Wiel‘s Gravity Stool that I saw at the Unger‘s home placed in the kitchen near a dog sculpture with a barrette, was now standing on a museum white pedestal. The British motorway signage system that we learned so much about, was becoming live and again disconnected from it’s natural surrounding. What an odd thing, a museum. Overflow of emotions caused by detached things in a space. What an odd thing, typeface. So much thoughts and emotions that if successful – no one will never notice.

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Photos by Liron Lavi Turkenich

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