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I know this post was due yesterday but… as long as it’s up I’m happy. Sorry about that.

At the moment Liron is enjoying her spring break and I can’t blame her for wanting to lay low and have some quite time with her sweet Mr. and her brand new and evolving typeface.
In this post you’ll hear about her recent field trip with her class mates to Antwerp, Amsterdam, Haag and Berlin and of course you’ll find out about some coffee shops and hip exhibitions in these European cities. I mean, that’s what Liron does best (and I love her for that).
Taking a break from the beautiful British accent, grey skies and endless politeness for a week by going to Antwerp, Amsterdam, Haag and Berlin. Being asked what we are going to see in this University’s trip and smiling while answering: Letters. Taking the Eurostar and feeling the speed in my ears. Feeling so much better that with every cup of coffee, in every coffee shop, a piece of complementary chocolate is added. Seeing one of the most important pieces of print and trying to find a good angel to take a picture without reflections. Seeing other important pieces of print outside a museum display box and getting a really close look like I would never get again. The snow flakes in Belgium are surprisingly larger than in the UK. The weather is not normal to my understanding of March. Almost getting run over by cars, and then by bicyclists in Amsterdam. Wanting to get a job in the Stedlijk Museum just to be at their amazing offices again. Wanting to live in the museum shop. Forcing myself to only buy postcards and not books so I am not overweight with my trolley. Being hosted and treated like family at the Unger‘s and seeing how design icons can live in real houses. Finishing one cup of coffee and immediately thinking about the next. Freezing in Berlin. Eating amazingly comforting pastries, for really cheap. Walking around in Mitte, and trying to figure out what it is that I love about the coffee places there (other than that they are coffee places). Wood tables, exposed walls, eclectic chairs, grey wool of any kind. And smell of happiness. Visiting a real flea market, with what feels like real flea market prices. Celebrating Passover by being with friends, reading only parts of the Haggadah, drinking lots of wine, eating Kneydlekh soup, Doritos and the German local Krembo. Not having enough time for shopping. I must go to Berlin again. Soon. Coming back to the grey British sky and realising that I missed the accent. Now its time for work again.

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Photos by Liron Lavi Turkenich

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