Israel Calling | May 23.14

I’m not sure if you are aware of the fact that during mid April, I spent almost three weeks in Israel. If you follow me on Instagram, there is no way you could miss it buy otherwise… Things have been so crazy around here that I didn’t even have a moment to stop pause and …

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Londonious Week… | May 22.11

Black Bottom cupcake at The Humming Bird Bakery . Liberty . Afternoon tea at Sketch . Wim Crouwel at the Design Museum . Cox Cookies & Cake . Yohji Yamamoto at the V&A . My irreplaceable Brown Sugar perfume at Fresh . Snog . Lomography . Anthropologie at Regent Street . Aussie soaps …

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Winter vs London | April 21.11

It’s April right?! I’m not wrong about that simple fact. So how come it feels like winter all over again?! I hope that tomorrow the sun will come out and everything will be just like it supposed to be. – Till then, my sweetest readers, do you have British tips for me? I’d …

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Vacation Time | June 25.10

I have exciting days ahead of me. This weekend I’ll be relaxing, tanning and drinking lots of mojitos at a lovely hotel in Eilat, which is in the south of Israel. And just hours after I get back to the city, I’ll be on my way to Cluj, Romania for my little brother …

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New York State Of Mind | December 22.09

Well, It’s vacation time. Today I’m flying for a two weeks vacation to my favorite city in the whole wide world. I can’t describe in words what draws me to this city time after time. All I know is that my annual getaway always includes NY! But, I prepared lots of exiting posts …

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