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Same Spot, Different View. Urban Sketching in Tel Aviv | A Guest Post by Guy Granit | May 30.14

Sketch by Marina Grechanik I’m a big fan of Guy Granit, the man who is basically a walking 101 for everything Israeli Illustration. As you probably know, I’m super excited about the first Illustration Week going on right now in Tel Aviv (one and two happy posts so far) and when Guy offered to share …

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Student Break | Didi Kfir | Tel Aviv Like You’ve Never Seen Before | August 15.13

Have you ever wondered about all the people that streets were named after them? I sure do. That was the starting point of Didi Kfir and her Tel-Aviv – Travel Book. “Tel-Aviv – Travel Book offers three different routes to walk through the streets of the city. Each route offers random encounters with the many …

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TypicaLocal | Johnathan Hopp | Tel Aviv, Strike a Pose! | November 12.12

“TypicaLocal miniatures attempt to create a snapshot of our environment here and now with a non-romantic gaze. This miniature exhibition provokes discussion and contemplation about design and architecture, about our local surroundings and about the time we live in.” What can I say, Tel Aviv never looked so white and minimalistic. I think …

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Student Break | Shimi Cohen | Rock Paper Scissors | May 9.11

A student assignment turned into an official music video is a first here at DesignBreak. Can you imagine, Ivri Lider, one of my favorite singers, calling and asking you to turn your one minute assignment into a full blown music video?! Shimi Cohen’s assignment was themed “Rock Paper Scissors”. He decided to tackle …

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