Dafi Reis Doron | Foam Games | June 20.14

I’ve been following Dafi Reis Doron’s footsteps ever since I bumped into her creations, during her Royal College of Art days back in 2012. Back then, she introduced to the world her first 75% Control project. In her 75% Controlled process, Dafi transforms traditional cushion material, polyurethane foam, into a fabric-like upholstered surface. “The foam …

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Student Break | Liron Kroll | Family and Femininity | August 17.11

“High Expectations” is Liron Kroll’s graduation film at the RCA. Liron chose family photographs and dealt with the gap between the idealized photograph and the reality it represents. “The film questions the role of family photography as the key way to form memories and examines the effect it can have on one’s perception …

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World Break | Birgit Marie Schmidt | The Golden Horse | July 3.11

When you can transform your childhood memories and fantasies into timeless pieces, you know you have a keeper! That’s the case with Birgit Marie Schmidt’s 2011 graduation collection at the RCA. “Birgit transformed her own recurring childhood fantasies of wild horse adventures into wearable jewelry pieces. The pieces… reminiscing early childhood phantasies made …

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World Break | Eleanor Bolton | Giant Scale. Soft Sensation. | May 26.11

Since developing her own craft technique of coiling and stitching cotton rope during her time at the RCA, this gal doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Eleanor Bolton keeps on stitching, knotting and twisting her way to the big league! “Eleanor’s jewellery practice focuses on an innovative use of materials, how a …

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