World Break | Goutte De Terre | Royal Ceramics | February 6.14

The minute I was introduced to the world of ceramic jewelry (thanks to Daniel Zelig, I couldn’t get enough of it! This morning when I stumbled upon Goutte De Terre‘s white and gold beauties, I couldn’t find the strength in me to wait yet another minute before telling you about it. Raphaël Schaltegger, is the …

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Batia Malka | Newborns | January 30.13

Ever since I first discovered Batia Malka’s ceramic world, almost two years ago, I can’t get enough of it. Usually Batia deals with lots of difficult and sensitive matters but for some reason that’s exactly why I’m mesmerized by it time after time. All these baby heads and body parts assembled together feel …

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Student Break | Yael Reshef | After ParTEA | April 2.12

After ParTEA. Such a brilliant tittle for a beautiful collection! Yael Reshef, a 2011 graduate of the Fashion Design Department at Shenkar College flew under my radar but luckily I found her. Yael began her journey with the English afternoon tea ceremony and the blue glazed porcelain tableware that is identified with it. …

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